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About company

The Company "ALISA" - makes and sells fashionable women's clothing.

We work with retail customers. Brands, presented in our online store, WERE created specially for modern ambitious women. Trademark La Vida Rica carry not only high quality of tailoring and perfect fitting, but also modern fashionable design and moreover they have very nice prices.

Why it is worth working with us:

  • We are a convenient and constantly developing online store;

  • We provide data support by our sales department specialists;

  • We have regular promotions and discounts;

  • We provide a loyalty program that helps you to save money ;

  • We have our own brand called La Vida Rica.

ALISAFASHION contains beautiful things, favorable prices and high quality service. We always try to make the shopping process pleasant for every client.

The brand La Vida Rica appeared in the spring of 2013 and became popular among Russian women. If we try to express the essence of the brand La Vida Rica in a several words - they will be: femininity, beauty, perfection of paper patterns and a big variety of styles at democratic prices.

The main designer of the brand Marina Rica is assured: "By choosing a beautiful dress - you choose a beautiful life!". In our online store you can find the most complete range of women's clothing brand LaVidaRica at factory prices and buy it by retail.

ALISAFASHION – is a producer and a distributor of the brand La Vida Rica.